We are an engineering studio specializing in biological signal processing systems and artificial
intelligence technologies
for consumer electronics and medicine.

We provide comprehensive technological solutions and create intelligent devices for you.

Global Connection

We have our headquater in San Francisco (CA) and in Warsaw (Poland). We have global network and multicultural experience. We realize projects for global companies.

Complete Process

We realize your project from the creative idea, through hardware, software and apps development to the final product ready to be distributed.

Adjustment to Your Needs

Technological solutions we develop are adjusted to your needs. We design inteligent devices and apps which are perfectly working with your systems. We provide you with a simple solution or a whole project, depending on your needs.

We develop your idea, manage it and create a ready electronic device for you.

numbers so far:


lines of powerful code
capable of great things


hours spent on
developing your ideas


team members
talented, bright & devoted


succesfull projects
and counting

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