The Ontogeny of Sleep and Its Neurobiological Basis


Every person, from his or her own experience, knows that sleep changes through the years. This is because specific groups of neurons (brain cells) have to develop to be able to perform sleep functions properly. A newborn’s “sleep neurons” are not fully developed, thus neither is their alertness nor is sleep performed in the same…

March 30, 2015 By admin

What Does Insomnia Have to Do with Depression?


The connection between insomnia and multiple somatic diseases is well known. These psychiatric disorders are caused by, or may cause insomnia. The relationship between sleep quality and psychiatric disorders is predominantly analyzed using patients suffering from depression. Insomnia is one of the well-known risk factors of depression. Simply put, people suffering from poor sleep quality…

March 18, 2015 By admin

Circadian Rhythm Disorders: The Free-Running Type

In many previous articles we mentioned the crucial impact of light (especially bright light – blue and, sometimes green) on our circadian rhythm. Have you ever wondered how blind people adjust to 24 hour, daily rhythms without the most important stimulus, the endogenous sleep-activity rhythms. Of course this does not apply to blindness as a…

February 05, 2015 By admin

How Do You Understand What Your Brain Is Saying?

In ancient times it was believed that the brain was only responsible for mucus production. Nowadays we know much more about its true functions. Allegedly, this knowledge is still a drop in the ocean, but on the basis of growing numbers of ways to examine the brain, in the future we are likely to get…

December 01, 2014 By admin

Shift Working – Blue Blockers

One doesn’t have to be working in a hospital, in the world of gastronomy, or in transport to know what shift work means. Obviously it is not the ideal work pattern, one that we would gladly choose, but sometimes it happens that it is the only way our team can meet their deadline. What can…

November 14, 2014 By admin

What Is the Deal with Jet Lag?

Did you know that the widely known phenomenon called jet lag is actually classified as a sleep disorder, among other more severe conditions, in the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD)? We are all quite aware of what jet lag is. Many of us suffer from it often to such an extent as to come…

October 24, 2014 By admin

Not able to fall asleep at night for a long time? Here is something for you!


Many of us complain about the constantly increasing level of stress in our everyday lives. Stress may result in difficulty falling asleep in the evening, and even have an impact on falling asleep in a couple years time. How many times did you wiggle in bed trying to finally doze off because you were thinking…

August 24, 2014 By admin